Episode 048: What the Smart Traveler Has - Travel Insurance

You might not think of it, but travel insurance is something the smart solo traveler has. On this episode of your solo travel podcast, Solo Travel Talk, Astrid Clements goes in-depth on travel insurance and why you might want to consider it for your next trip. PLEASE NOTE - Disclaimer: Neither Astrid Clements nor Astrid Solo Travel Advisor LLC are licensed insurance agents or providers. This program is for informational purposes only. Astrid references Allianz for travel insurance - Astrid Clements and Astrid Solo Travel Advisor LLC have an affiliate relationship with Allianz.

Astrid's 8 Travel Insurance Tips

1. Ask questions-- lots and lots of questions.
2. Research all your options (two website resources: www.squaremouth.com and www.insuremytrip.com.)
3. If you choose to purchase travel insurance, purchase it immediately after booking any part of your to-be insured trip (don't delay buying your insurance.)
4. Read your policy.
5. Keep ALL documentation from before and during your trip.
6. If you seek medical attention on your trip, get copies of all your medical records at the time of service.
7. File your claim form completely and in a timely matter.
8. Make sure you fully understand the claims process.

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