The Hotel New Otani Tokyo | Solo Travel Talk Podcast

The Hotel Now Otani Tokyo is the epitome of affordable luxury and on the new episode of my solo travel podcast, Solo Travel Talk, I profile this magnificent hotel, starting from it’s origin story, through it’s prominence and prestige today. My producer Catherine always says that hotel selection is my “superpower.” I have done the home work for you when it comes to the Hotel New Otani. From renowned traditional gardens, wonderful shopping and dining, excellent concierge, onsen, and beauty throughout, the Hotel New Otani is something special.

Some of the questions answered on this episode…

  • Where should I stay in Tokyo?

  • What gardens should I see in Tokyo?

  • What is the story of the Hotel New Otani Tokyo?

  • Which is more important for hotels, customer reviews or star ratings?

  • What is an onsen and what can a visitor expect?

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