It's More Than Sushi | Solo Travel Talk Podcast

For the solo traveler, this can mean exceptional dining, food tours, and a cultural experience that will enhance your trip.

On the new episode of my solo travel podcast, I share what I learned about Japan through the food and dining I enjoyed on my recent trip including:

  • The fundamental construction of a Japanese meal. How the Japanese believe that every meal should include something from the earth and something from the sea.

  • Why rice is a staple of the Japanese diet and why you can expect to have rice with every meal!

  • Other foods you can expect to have with every meal

  • The Traditional Japanese cooking style, Washoku which embraces the “Rule of 5”

    • 5 colors: white, black, red, yellow, green

    • 5 cooking techniques: raw, grilling, boiling, steaming, frying 

    • 5 flavors: sweet, sour, spicy, salty, & bitter 

  • Why food is really an art form in Japan. 

  • The top 10 traditional dishes you will find in Japan 

    • Sushi. Basically, fish wrapped in rice. 

    • Sashimi. Raw, thinly sliced fish accompanied by a bowl of rice.

    • Miso soup. 

    • Tempura. Battered and fried seafood or vegetables. What is special about this batter is it has to be made with ice-cold batter and cooked in extremely hot oil. Usually served with some sort of dipping sauce.

    • Tsukemono - Japansese pickles. Not just cucumbers but a variety of vegetables! 

    • Yakitoiri. Bite-sized cuts of chicken on a skewer. 

    • Udon - fat, dense, wheat-flour noodles

    • Soba - long thin, firm buckwheat noodles 

    • Sukiyaki - one pot dish of beef, vegetables and Tofo cooked in a sweet soy sauce. (My last meal in Tokyo was Sukiyaki - and what a wonderful experience it was!)

    • Kaiseki - food served alongside a traditional Japanese tea.

  • Why the Japanese use so many small dishes.

  • What to do with dipping sauces

  • What to expect in a traditional Japanese restaurant - proper etiquette, posture, how to greet the servers and chefs

  • What to do with chopsticks! What NOT to do! 

  • Which cities to visit if you are a foodie! 

  • Food tours, including which food tours I went on and why 

  • Drinking tours - beer, saki, mixed drinks

  • How to choose the best food tour for you - regardless of destination and why I think food tours are extremely valuable to the solo traveler.

  • Specific restaurant recommendations for Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka (53:00 minute mark)

In summation, you will learn that Japanese food is not just sushi, that’s for sure! There are philosophical elements found in Japanese cuisine that are a window to part of the culture. Don’t skim over this integral aspect of Japanese life!

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