Top 10 Japan | Solo Travel Talk Podcast

It was very difficult to feature only ten destinations or activities on the new episode of my solo travel podcast, Solo Travel Talk - The Japan Series. Listen to hear what I consider to be the must-dos for Japan. There is so much culture, fabulous food, natural beauty, wonderful gardens, and more to experience in Japan. Having a good itinerary will allow you to get a feel for this unique country and experience part of what it has to offer. As a bonus mid-show, I give my top tip for building a solo travel itinerary.

Some of the questions answered on this episode…

  • Where should I stay in Tokyo?

  • Does Japan have good food tours?

  • Should I visit Hiroshima?

  • What are the gardens like in Japan?

  • Is it worth visiting Mount Fuji?

  • How can I make a solo travel itinerary?

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