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The AstridTravel Club has launched and on this episode of Solo Travel Talk, I share the inspiration for the club, what the club offers, and how to know if membership is right for you. 

The AstridTravel Club brings together several elements that Solo Travel Talk listeners will appreciate. Affordable luxury, mindful travel, reconnecting, cultural appreciation, arts, gardens, time for reflection—all of these qualities come together in the AstridTravel Club, all done with some flair (of course.)

In this episode, I discuss the following:

ballet show st petersburg.jpeg

The inspiration for the AstridTravel Club

  • The trips I designed for the Greater Baton Rouge Arts Council:

    • My St. Petersburg Art Routes Tour included a private discussion with the Curator of the Hermitage Museum, private tours of some of Russia’s finest palaces and mansions, magnificent performances, and behind-the-scenes insight into the lives of prima ballerinas

    • My second trip to San Miguel de Allende; why I chose this place because of its thriving arts community with tons of galleries, strong meso-American Culture, and beautiful, walkable city

  • How friends began reaching out to ask me to plan their trips

  • Finally, I just love getting into the ethos of a place and evidently, other people like that too!


Who is the club right for? 

  1. Solo travelers who don’t want to travel totally alone.

  2. People who want to be in small groups. Our tours will have no more than 8 people.

  3. Young professional women looking for a stimulating getaway or for some me time.

  4. Divorcees or widowers

  5. Married women with non-traveling husbands

  6. Retired baby boomers with enthusiasm for life and things to check off their bucket lists!

  7. People who love to travel in style, but don’t want to break the bank

Why I love “theme focused” trips and some examples of what I’ve done in the past

  • Fashion-themed Paris trip complete with a Parisian makeover, meeting with a person stylist, private boutique visit, Dior Fashion Exhibit, and Designer Vintage Showcase

    • I am in the process of creating a Fashion and Food focused trip to Paris in 2020!

    • Also in the process, a Gardens of London Tour to take place during the Chelsea Flower Show

What’s different about AstridTravel Club Trips

The luxury riad villa, the Dar Ayniwen, that we will be staying in on our AstridTravel Club trip to Marrakesh

The luxury riad villa, the Dar Ayniwen, that we will be staying in on our AstridTravel Club trip to Marrakesh

  • Small groups

  • One city per trip - no packing and unpacking

  • Luxurious but affordably priced

  • NO single supplement - which is something that really pushed me to start traveling by myself. A single supplement can force you to pay fare and a half for a trip and that just irked me. I managed to take an “Around-the-World” trip by myself for twice as long as any tour offered by the major companies and paid half the price!

  • Single rooms - no room sharing

  • 5-star or otherwise upscale, boutique hotels

  • We will offer a variety of great food experiences from street food to the best restaurants available

  • Expert guides

  • Prices range anywhere from $2,500 - $5,700 depending on the length of trip and destination. This puts us at a price point of about $500-$1000 per day and covers nearly everything except airfare. The sweet spot we shoot for is about $650 per day which includes room, food, logistics, shopping, etc. Price out any of the “luxury” tours offered many major tour companies and I guarantee it will be more than this.

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The AstridTravel Club Forum

  • Serves as a discussion board and a place where members can turn to find travel-related answers. Similar to TripAdvisor, but the questions you ask in the forum are posed to a very niche audience who can better assist you than the general public on the internet

  • Members can follow topics which interest them

  • Allows for an international community

  • Brings together with very specific interests

  • A place for participants on AstridTravel Club Trips to get to know each other prior to the trips

AstridTravel Journal.jpeg

Our beautiful AstridTravel Club journal

  • To serve as a guide on all your travels

  • Contains 10 thought-provoking questions designed to get you into the right travel mindset

  • Designed to encourage you to keep your memories alive and mitigate the post-trip blues

Learn more about The AstridTravel Club here:

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The Membership Cost - How to Get Your Money Back!

  • The AstridTravel Club Journal and Forum are for members only

  • The trips are open to everyone, but will be offered to our members first

  • Yearly membership of $50, but you will get $100 off your first AstridTravel Club Trip per year

Walls of the Old City in Cartagena

Walls of the Old City in Cartagena

The souks of Marrakesh

The souks of Marrakesh

2019 Trips

  • The Colorful Culture of Cartagena

    • October 3 - 8, 2019

    • Cartagena is considered the “crown jewel” of Colombian tourism

    • Situated on the Caribbean sea - where tropical breezes are always blowing

    • Beautiful, brightly-colored renovated Spanish colonial buildings

    • I’ll go in-depth describing the beautiful hotel where we will be staying

    • I go over the entire itinerary and what you can expect from this trip

    • To learn more about this trip, click on the link above or listen to the podcast to hear my take on this wonderful Colombian city!

  • Magical Marrakesh: Experience the Exotic Culture of the Pink City

    • Dates: November 30 - December 8, 2019

    • Like no other city in the world. Exotic sites, sounds, smells …

    • Gives the solo traveler a chance to experience a place like Marrakesh in a small group if they are too hesitant to go alone

    • Fabulous food and shopping

    • We will be staying in the outstanding riad villa, the Dar Ayniwen which features:

      • A gorgeous 5-acre garden

      • An exotic bird sanctuary

      • Heated pool

      • Butler service

      • Elegant dining tent

      • Unique, private rooms

    • I give a run-down of the entire itinerary in this episode

    • Listen for my full description of this beautiful tour!

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