Episode 102: The Stopover Secret


Savvy solo travelers are all about maximizing their experiences, and knowing how to use stopovers can be a seriously powerful tool at your disposal. I find that many travelers are unfamiliar with stopovers, and I must say, I have yet to use one myself! Stopovers are special incentives offered by airlines. Using a stopover can instantly expand your trip and hopefully maximize your solo travel experience! I explain what a stopover is, how to use it, who offers them—all that and more on this episode of Solo Travel Talk.

Some of the questions answered on this show include:

  • What is the difference between a layover and a stopover?

  • What are the limitations of a stopover?

  • Which airlines offer stopovers?

  • Are stopovers free?

  • Can you do a stopover in Portugal?

  • Do any airlines offer bonuses with their stopovers?

  • Which airline has the best stopover program?

Mentioned on the show: Airwander.com

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Catherine OBrien

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