Episode 100: Fad or Fabulous Solo Travel


Solo travel has been evolving quickly in the last few years, even though I personally have been going solo for some time now! As more and more people are becoming aware of all the possibilities that await the solo traveler, some of that attention can make it appear that solo travel is merely “having a moment,” making it a fad instead of a true shift in how we experience the world. On this 100th episode of Solo Travel Talk, I explain how solo travel has evolved, why traveling alone can be fabulous, what is driving travel trends, and even where things might be going

Some of the questions answered on the episode:

  • Why should people try solo travel?

  • What is the biggest influence on solo travel growing as a trend?

  • How do women solo travelers influence the travel industry?

  • How has social media influenced solo travel?

  • Is solo travel really growing or is it just a perception?

  • How is the travel industry responding to solo travelers?

  • Is part of the growth of solo travel a fad?

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Catherine OBrien

Branch Out Programs