Love to Travel: Solo Travel Talk with Astrid is for You

Two years ago I traveled to Athens, Greece to attend the international TBEX conference, the annual global educational summit for travel bloggers. At the time I had yet to develop my blog and website, Astrid Solo Travel Advisors, but my reason for attending this great convocation was to gain valuable information and direction from the experts on how to make my venture excellent. 

I participated in a two day travel writing workshop with acclaimed writer David Farley, listened to lectures given by experts from Expedia, Yahoo Travel, took part in breakout sessions on various important blogging trends, learned about the business aspect of being a blogger and in the evening socialized with the attendees around majestic Athens, one of the most fascinating places in the world. While I felt a bit overwhelmed, the conference fired me up!

One of the breakout sessions I attended was on the topic of travel podcasts and there growing influence on people who love to travel. Few bloggers participated in this offering which I found a bit odd. I have always wanted to be a trendsetter so anything that was new and cool, I wanted to know more about it.

After listening to the presenters, I knew why the audience was so sparse. Podcasts are not easy to do well, they entail a lot of preparation, you have to work with a skilled producer and you need to be a "natural talker" who has something interesting to talk about. I must confess, I left the session with some knowledge gained but never thought I would be doing a podcast

Well fate stepped in six months ago when a friend, the dynamic women's leadership development advocate Dima Gwahi, shared she was going to launch a podcast focusing on women and leadership. She encouraged me to talk Catherine O'Brien, a new resident to our city who was a podcast producer. In Dima's own words she said, " Astrid you should create a podcast. Your topic is great and you are a natural communicator. It will be great."

Because from the beginning she has been one of my mentors, I followed Dima's suggestion, faced the unknown and hooked up with Catherine. For the last six months I have been learning all of the "ins and outs" of podcasting plus taping an episode every ten days. Though this has been a huge learning curve, Catherine and I have been having a blast developing our show, Solo Travel Talk with Astrid.

Which leads me to announce I will be launching the show which will air every Thursday on January, 30th. Weekly, I will be covering all types of topics dealing with solo travel. Safety and the Solo Traveler, Solo Dining Tips, Cultural Do's and Don'ts, Solo Friendly hotels, unique shopping venues, popular Solo destinations are a sample of what I show topics discuss. Likewise, from time to time I will be bringing travel experts on the show to share some of the latest trends and "things to do" around the world when traveling solo. 

You will be able to tune in live by visiting's Podcast section and the broadcasts will also be available on iTunes, SoundCloud, and Youtube plus, on this website after their original airing. So if you are  interested in valuable information, interesting travel stories and experiences dealing with affordable solo travel follow me now on my new podcast, Solo Travel Talk with Astrid. You are sure to be entertained! 

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