Aura Photography: A New Kind of Photo

Travelers typically  think of which restaurants and museums they want to visit while traveling. A new wave of travelers may end up crossing paths with another interesting plan this summer: having a photo of their aura taken.

What is Aura Photography

An aura is  the atmosphere surrounding a person, place, or thing. Creative photographer Eileen Lee, who is based in Detroit, runs an  experiential portrait practice called Aura Aura where she takes photos of people’s auras in different cities around the country

While the Aura Aura team only popped up in New Orleans for two days recently, they have several other cities they will visit with all the equipment over the next few months. Upcoming locations for the Aura Aura photo shoots are New York, Pittsburgh, and Detroit.

“Her fascination with energy and auric fields began years ago when she was told that her aura was green - which it actually is, more often than not - confirmed through photographic documentation,” shared the Aura Aura website.

5 Areas Captured in an Aura Photograph

Each Aura Aura photograph captures five main areas of a person: self energy in near future, consciousness and thought, hopes and aspirations, energy you exude into the world, and the heart and core. Aura colors can and do change depending on the phase of your life, emotions, and situations, so Lee captures everything from solid colored auras to rainbows.

Personal Value of an Aura Self-Portrait

Lee provides all participants with one instant film portrait, a color guide, a box for storage, and a personalized interpretation of the aura color(s).

If you happen to be on your next trip with a travel buddy, Aura Aura can photograph up to two people together per session. Find out more about the company by visiting

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Author: Julia Ballard

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