How to Get Around New Orleans As A Female Solo Traveler

From lodging to airfare, a solo trip requires careful planning. Travel and transportation plans are often daunting and tedious, especially if you are planning a solo trip. But if you are planning a solo trip to New Orleans, we're here to help! Lucky for visitors, New Orleans is fairly easy to navigate and our many forms of transportation make getting around a breeze.


While not the quickest means of getting around, hopping on one of New Orleans iconic streetcars is the perfect way to take in the city. The streetcars do not run on a consistent schedule, so make sure to plan at least an afternoon riding the St. Charles Avenue streetcar Uptown or the Canal Street line up to City Park or the Museum. A one way ticket is $1.25 and a day pass is $3. Make sure you bring cash because drivers do not take credit cards. The streetcars, as well as the cabs, run 24 hours per day. On average, you should expect a streetcar to pass on the St. Charles line about every 15-20 minutes.


Rental Car

There are plenty of car rental services in New Orleans. While the independence of renting a car and not having to wait for a shuttle or finding a taxi may be tempting, in New Orleans you should consider a couple of other factors before renting a car. The first is parking, it's not always easy to find a spot and it's not always cheap to park here. Second, you may not really need a car. You can get to most of the popular places and historic sites without a car.

Taxis or Rideshares

The taxis work pretty much the same here as they do anywhere else in the country and they are easy to hail in the French Quarter. A taxi ride to and from the airport to the Central Business District (CBD) is $33 for one or two people, $14 for each additional person. Ubers and Lyft are both in the city and are both an affordable and reliable option.

Walking and biking are other great options, but be sure to stick to main streets, especially if walking. While some of our public transportation schedules aren’t as robust as some other places, our routes are extensive and allow access to parts of the city that otherwise wouldn’t be reachable for most visitors. 

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