Enjoy Fabulous Meals for a Bargain During NOLA's Coolinary Month

*This blog was updated in February 2019!

You could live in New Orleans all your life and never run out of great places to eat.

Ever tried Israeli food?  This is where you need to get it !

Ever tried Israeli food? This is where you need to get it!

However, constantly dining out isn’t necessarily the most financially wise choice. However, New Orleans’ Coolinary Month is a great opportunity to try out a number of the cities trendies, snazzies and sometimes most expensive restaurants. For the entire month of August, restaurants will offer discounted dining deals across the city. 

If you’re dying to try the dozens of new and fresh New Orleans restaurants on Magazine Street. Or classics New Orleans institutions like Galatoires, Antoine's, Brigsten's, and Pascal's Manale, this is your chance! Coolinary Month offer both locals and travelers an opportunity to revisit old favorites and try new ones without breaking the bank. 

It's easy to find out which 80+ restaurants are participating: Visit Coolinaryneworleans.com. There, you'll find the list of restaurants, with location details, sample menus, price and a convenient reservations button. 

Affordable Luxury Dining

Some restaurants offer brunch, lunch and dinner, some just one or two of those seatings. Also note, some restaurants have black-out dates for Fridays and Saturdays. The most expensive dinners are $39. Prices for brunches and lunches vary.

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