Introducing: AirBNB Experiences in New Orleans

AirBnb has changed the way the people travel. It has  massive appeal due to convenience, low price, and the opportunity for cultural experiences. I’ve stayed in hotels all around the world and while some are incredible, many are stuffy and generic. Staying at an Airbnb can offer you an opportunity to stay in incredible locations and experience life in the city you are visiting.


In 2017, Airbnb launched "Airbnb Experiences". Experiences are excursions or other activities designed and led by local hosts. Hosts give guests unique access into places and communities in their city. Hosts can offer both immersions and one day experiences. Immersions happen over multiple days and are offered as is—their schedules can’t be modified. One day experiences can last just a couple of hours. All experiences can range from workshops to long treks, and are available for various skill levels and interest.

Experiences are an incredible opportunity for solo travelers to find authentic, well-curated activities that travelers can’t find elsewhere. New Orleans has an abundance of cool Experience options, including a Kayak Swamp Tour, or a workshop crafting the famous Muses' Shoes. There's a Streetcar Bar Crawl, or a French Quarter Photography Class.  Click here to see all Aibnb Experiences being offered in New Orleans. 

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