Three Foodie Meccas for Solo Travelers

We all need to eat, but some love food more than others. Foodies have a particular interest in food and seek out unique dishes and experiences no matter where they are.

There are several American cities that are great destinations for solo travelers looking to eat some of the best food you can find. Check out our latest recommendations for cities fit for foodies:

1. San Francisco

Not only is San Francisco home to restaurants with the most Michelin stars in the country, it’s also home to almost every type of food you can imagine. “The Bay Area is obsessed with food,” says Joyce Goldstein, a chef and author familiar with the food scene in the city. Given the size of San Francisco, it’s no surprise the range of cuisines seem endless. Click here for Condé Nast’s list of the best restaurants in the entire city.


2. New Orleans

A list about the best food cities in the country wouldn’t be complete without a mention of New Orleans, where Astrid Solo Travel Advisor was launched in 2016. The Big Easy is known for its cajun and creole food such as jambalaya and gumbo, but also has so many other food genres all around the city. New Orleans has dozens of Vietnamese restaurants next door to Italian dishes, burger joints, and fast food favorites. Click here for Condé Nast’s list of best restaurants in New Orleans.

3. Charleston

As a city regularly compared to New Orleans in terms of southern hospitality, architecture, and proximity to water, Charleston is known for its seafood dishes--and more-- too. Eater rounded up a list of the most iconic dishes in Charleston, which includes everything from southern stew to fried chicken and pizza. “These are the dishes that define Low Country cuisine. The food reflects the environment of the rich oceans and lands of Charleston.” Click here for the Condé Nast’s list of best restaurants in Charleston.

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Author: Julia Ballard

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