Best Cruises for Travelers Without the Solo Surcharge

As the weather is cooling down in many places, it could be time to start planning a cruise to a beautiful tropical location! November also happens to be one of the cheaper months for cruise travel, as is March and April.

Most cruises prices are based on double-occupancy, so solo travelers are oftentimes hit with a supplemental fee for traveling alone. However, there are a few cruises and cruise lines with packages that do not include a surcharge for solo travelers.

Check out the best cruises for single-occupancy below:

  • The Quantum of the Seas cruise with Royal Caribbean has more than 20 single cabins, some of them even have a virtual view of the sea (an LED screen projects a real-time view of the outside world to these otherwise closed-off interior cabins). The studio stateroom offers a full sized bed and full bath, just the right size for a solo traveler. One example of a Royal Caribbean tour is a 4-night "Phuket Getaway" leaving from Singapore at an average of $750 in a studio interior stateroom with a virtual view.

  • Norwegian Cruise Line’s Epic has more space for the solo traveler than most, with 128 studio cabins designed specifically for solo travelers. Studios feature a full-size bed, separate bath area and access to the private Studio Lounge. One trip on their solo cruiser discount plan is a seven-day Western Mediterranean cruise from Rome starting at $1,749.

  • USA Today shared a few travel tips for cruises, including that “Carnival Cruise Lines offers single supplement waivers on a promotional basis for more than half their fleet at any given time.” Carnival offers year round specials, such as their two-day Baja Mexico cruise from $238 leaving from Los Angeles.

Have you ever taken a cruise or a solo cruise? Let us know in the comments!

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Author: Julia Ballard

Julia was the first member of the Astrid Solo Travel Advisor team, and has helped shape our unique approach to travel writing which focuses on affordable, luxury ideas for the solo traveler. She is on top of all the cutting-edge in everything from technology to travel, and works to share her insights with our audience. To read more about her and each one of our Solo Travel Advisors, head over to the About page!