Episode 073: Traveling with Disabilites - Don Godshaw of Travelon

Travelon products have made an appearance on SOLO TRAVEL TALK before, but on this episode, I get to talk to Don Godshaw—CEO of Travelon. Don is an avid traveler and pursuer of adventure. In 2006 Don suffered an accident that made him paralyzed. He didn’t allow that circumstance to change his enthusiasm for seeing the world. If you want inspiration, education, and a better understanding of a positive mindset, this is the episode for you. Be sure to listen to Don tell about his involvement in Adaptive Adventures—a nonprofit organization which provides outdoor sports opportunities for children, adults, and Veterans with physical disabilities. (If you choose to support the work of Adaptive Adventures, please mention SOLO TRAVEL TALK in the comment box on the donate page. Don will match Solo Travel Talk listeners up to $5,000.) 

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Catherine OBrien

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