Million Mile Secrets Lets You Travel Big Without Spending a Fortune

For the last five years, Million Mile Secrets has been helping travelers near and far achieve their travel goals without spending a fortune. The site’s theme, “big travel, small money,” speaks to the platform that lets you travel for less through the accumulation of credit card points, airline miles, and hotel points.

Million Mile Secrets was founded by Daraius Dubash and Emily Jablon. They have earned and redeemed millions of miles with their secrets and are now sharing them with the world.

Whether it’s how to save time in an immigration line, special credit card offers, or location tips, Million Mile Secrets has it all. And people have started to take note. The website has been featured in top publications such as CNN and The New York Times.

In April 2015, Jablon told Racked that her and her co-founder had gone on $220,000 worth of trips over the span of two years, yet paid a far smaller amount out of pocket.

A few of the duo’s tips include: plan in advance, find the right credit card for you, and always be sure to sign up for loyalty programs through airlines and hotels.

If you’re planning a long weekend trip domestically or an around the world trip abroad, be sure to check out Million Mile Secrets.

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