Want a Free Layover in Iceland on Your Way to Europe?

Finding Affordable Flights to Europe

There are many airlines that offer affordable flights across the pond, but finding a reasonably priced business class ticket close to your departure date is another story. I am always amazed at how much these prices can vary, and on my second trip to Russia, I cut things a little too close, and was forced to consider an airline I had no prior experience with: Icelandair.

A Two For One Deal

Not only did Icelandair have the best price but, I discovered that they offer an incredible deal which allows you to stopover in Iceland on your way to Europe for free. The airline will allow you to stay in the country for up to 5 days at no additional cost. Truth be told, the flight alone was enough to make me consider visiting Iceland. I flew what Icelandair calls “Saga class” which could be considered the same as business class. I listened to Icelandic music which I found strange and haunting, and watched several informative films on what to do and see in Iceland. When I deplaned I got the biggest pleasant surprise of the entire flight: two lady pilots - something I appreciated as a solo female traveler.

I believe that this offer is ideal for any traveler, but especially for someone traveling alone who is looking for a luxury experience at an affordable price.

To learn more about stopovers and how to experience two travel destinations for the price of one, listen to this podcast!

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Two lady pilots on Icelandair

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Author: Astrid Clements

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