A Comfortable and Convenient Business Class Flight on Royal Air Maroc

On my recent 50-day adventure around the world, I had selected an airline for my international business class flight from New York to Casablanca that I had never used before. I was not disappointed in my experience flying with Royal Air Maroc.

First and foremost, when booking a flight, I look for the most affordable ticket. My go to flight comparison and booking site is Kayak. I value this site because it shows more flight options at various prices plus it gives you plenty of info to help you decide which flight to book.

I found a one-way business class ticket to Lisbon, my final destination, on Royal Air Maroc for $1,330, and booked almost immediately. One-way tickets business class tickets from New York to Casablanca typically cost around $3,200 so I knew this was a good deal so I snapped it up.

Another plus to the flight I found was that I was scheduled to travel in a practically brand new Boeing Dreamliner aircraft, a plane I had never experienced to date. This Boeing model is being touted as it’s most “passenger pleasing” aircraft with it’s new features such as extra-large, electronically dimming windows, oversized overhead luggage bins for additional, larger carry-on items, high cabin humidity levels for less flight dehydration, advanced air filtrations systems, smoother ride technology, and the airplane is 60% less noisy than it’s other models. All of that makes for a comfortable flight experience, leaving your refreshed when you reach your destination.

The flight experience begins with business class priority check in. You are then given information where the Business Class lounge is located. At JFK airport in New York, , Royal Air Maroc passengers have full access to all services provided in the Air France lounge. After the security-screening gate I headed for the lounge to relax.

To my pleasant surprise, I was informed I could indulge myself with a complimentary Clarins facial and I happily obliged. The pre- flight, hydrating facial was extremely pleasant. For a half an hour my face was cleansed, massaged and hydrated with luxurious, herbal creams.

After my facial, I checked out the inviting French food buffet and selected a few light options and poured myself a glass of French Bordeaux wine. I enjoyed my meal while watching the many planes take off to their destinations.

The lounge is tastefully decorated and provides all the latest Wi-Fi and technology needs for the business traveler, and a lounge attendant announces departure times to ensure you don't miss your flight.

Business class passengers board first through a separate entrance than economy passengers, but not before handicapped or special needs passengers. My first impression of the plane’s business section was how spacious and attractive it was with only three rows of three pairs of seats with a total of only 18 seats in the section.

The steward greeted me and helped me put my heavy carry-on in the spacious overhead luggage bins. Moroccan music was playing throughout the cabin, which was a nice touch, lasting until we left the gate. I felt like I was put into a Moroccan state of mind.

Passengers were given earphones, a travel kit complete with Moroccan rose water products, a welcome drink and a choice of international newspapers and magazines to enjoy during the fight.

I settled into my comfortable leather window seat, which had multiple adjustment features to include a massage function, and sipped my orange juice to prepare for the seven-hour flight across the Atlantic. The seats also have a USB port for charging phones, computers and notebooks, and a high-voltage individual reading light which can be used when the lights are dimmed.

Within the first hour we were served our evening meal on linen placemats and fine china. We were given the menu to select our entree from one of three options, and then shown an extensive wine list full of French and Moroccan wines.

The second course, which could have been an entree because it was so substantial, consisted of two types of gourmet salads, one with meat and the other, scallops with sautéed vegetables.  The wine was poured with this course. Once again, I selected a French Bordeaux as my wine choice.

Being almost full at this point, my third course, a lamb dish with spice-flavored mashed potatoes and cooked down leeks, was served. Both French and Moroccan breads were offered as well. I only ate half of the delicious meal because it was filling. Instead of the next two courses, a cheese plate with fruit and a dessert selection, I ordered another glass of the Bordeaux to get more relaxed in order to sleep for the rest of the flight.

On the seat back in front of you is a TV screen where you can watch movies, play games or access the aircraft’s Geovision that lets your know where you are throughout the entire flight which on this flight was almost entirely over the Atlantic Ocean. The on-demand video feature offers 45 programs with current and classical Hollywood movies, Arabic films, commentaries and various television series.  Passing on the videos, I finished my second glass of wine, I adjusted the seat to a fully horizontal bed position and enjoyed a good night’s rest.

About an hour before landing, I woke up, raised my window cover and saw the sun’s reflection on the 787-8’s massive engines. I knew we must be close to approaching land. My quiet, smooth, restful ride was soon coming to an end. Shortly, breakfast was offered.  Instead of the standard meal I asked for the cheese plate I couldn’t eat which was part of my dinner as a substitution and the stewardess was happy to honor my request.

Fifteen minutes before landing is when we first hit the Moroccan shore. I am not the type who loves to fly, I only fly because I love to travel, and so when I see land I am always relieved. The landing was ultra smooth, something that never ceases to amaze me is how these humongous planes can land so smoothly. I must admit I used to hate to fly but now with aircraft like the Boeing Dreamliner I am a much more relaxed, confident flyer.

We deplaned and were transported to the terminal in a Mercedes Benz van reserved only for Business Class passengers. Once I went through Moroccan immigration and security I headed to the Royal Air Maroc Business Class lounge to wait for my connecting flight to Lisbon.

The lounge was well-appointed with Moroccan design accents and an inviting food selection of small sandwiches, breakfast sweets, juices, coffee and tea.

Royal Air Maroc has an extensive reach both internationally, flying to 50 cities throughout, Africa, Asia, Europe as well as North America and domestically, serving dozens of cities in Morocco. The flight I took is a daily offering from the airline. In early August, Royal Air Maroc will launch a new North American route from Washington/Dulles to Casablanca.

If you are looking for comfort, pleasure and serenity at an affordable price, consider Royal Air Maroc. For a little more visual information view this short video of the Dreamliner Business Class experience.

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