Around the World Solo in 50 Days

One of my lifelong dreams has always been to take an Around the World trip and I am so excited to announce that  I am about to make that dream come true. On January 31st I will embark on a 50-day solo adventure, visiting seven cities that I have never been to before. I will spend a week in each place digging deep into each location’s culture, food, sights, art, architecture and that special something about each place.

The seven cities I will be exploring are:

  1. Lisbon, Portugal

  2. Marrakesh, Morocco

  3. Cairo, Egypt (coupled with a cruise down the Nile River!)

  4. Abu Dhabi, UAE

  5. Mumbai, India

  6. Bangkok, Thailand

  7. Hanoi, Vietnam

I will travel a total of 22,000 miles visiting six distinctly different cultures over nearly two months.  From Europe, Northern Africa, the Middle East, India, the Near East and the Far East I’ll be focusing on what affordable luxury accommodations they have to offer a solo traveler like myself.

What makes this trip even more special for me is that it is my “inaugural” trip kicking off the launch  of my new website, Astrid Solo Travel Advisor. Our focus will be affordable luxury ideas for the solo traveler. For the last 36 plus years I have traveled the US, and the world, extensively much of which has been solo. The site will share my insightful solo travel ideas, tips and experiences that stress luxury travel at a reasonable price.

Come along with me via social media while I explore our wonderful world on my once in a lifetime, solo Around the World trip. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for affordable luxury solo travel tips, tricks and advice in the world of solo travel.