Why I Travel Solo: Part Two

There are endless reasons why I love solo travel. Since most people are curious why and how I've been traveling the world by myself for decades, I've compiled a list of some of the reasons why this type of travel is so appealing to me. 

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Read the first installment here and keep reading for even more reasons why I relish solo travel.

  • Solo travel increases my capacity to love, be tolerant and compassionate in the world.

  • Staying on top of worldwide trends and new ways of doing things and thinking is at the top of my list when traveling by myself. I feel it keeps me young, alive, and continually growing as a person.

  • It satisfies a life goal to travel to all of the continents. My husband is not interested in world travel anymore. If I am to accomplish this goal, I have to do it solo.

  • My sense of independence grows with each trip I take. Solo travel strengthens my confidence which helps me be more comfortable in my close personal relationships.

  • Traveling solo has made me more tech-savvy. Through building Astrid Solo Travel Advisor, I’ve discovered what it takes to build a digital brand, and found many tech-related platforms to use along the way.

  • I love to have fun. Travel is always fun and exciting for me and it keeps me happy.

  • Solo travel strengthens my ability to be comfortable alone. To be able to be content by yourself is very important in life.

  • I’ve become more patient and have strengthened my problem solving skills throughout my travels. Problems always arise on solo trips, so I’ve learned to do plenty of pre-trip planning and to always be prepared to solve unexpected problems.

  • As I always say, “Live in the moment!” Enjoy where you are and what’s happening to you during each trip, whether it’s good or bad.

  • Traveling provides me with new ideas on how to improve and live my life on a higher level: more simply but still sophisticated.

  • Traveling the world solo strengthens my sense of faith. You have to exercise faith to understand its power, and solo travel helps you develop a deeper understanding of what to have faith means.