Love This Classy Carry On and Tote by TravelSmith

"Less is more” is a sophisticated, modern design concept used in architecture and interior design that underpins most beautiful structures. This philosophy is fast becoming favored in many other areas of design and living such as in fashion, lifestyle choices and even luggage alternatives, the topic of this blog.

As a solo traveler being able to easily handle your luggage throughout a trip is a big stress reducer. The “less” luggage you bring the better. If you can get away with only taking a carry on and a tote and not have to check any luggage, you are way ahead in the stress-free travel game.

TravelSmith, a company headquartered in the Highlands of Scotland, offers all types of attractive and functional travel clothes, accessories, gear and luggage at affordable prices. Through the years I have purchased many products from them and have always been highly satisfied. Recently, upon visiting their website, I noticed a new addition to their luggage product line, a classy small bag known as the Spinner 360 Carry On which had a free large tote as part of the offering.

In two weeks, I will be traveling solo to Venice for thirteen days. This city can be logistically challenging when getting to and from the airport because you have to walk and/or ride a boat to get to your hotel. Because of this reality, I am only taking two pieces of luggage that can be stacked one upon each other for easy rolling on Venice’s cobblestone streets.

To solve this problem, I purchased the Spinner 360 Carry On as my stackable bag instead of using my smaller carry on which is part of my regular suitcase set that I would have to strap on to the bigger suitcase with a luggage strap. I’ve tried this before and must report it works but the smaller suitcase tends to shift and not remain stationary causing luggage tipping incidents!

The following are some of the reasons that I think the Spinner 360 Carry On and Tote are a great addition to the solo traveler’s luggage choices.

  1. The square shape of the bag makes it more balanced and thus, easier to roll and control.
  2. The four shatterproof spinner wheels provide 360-degree maneuverability that facilitates rolling especially in tight spaces.
  3. The bag is slightly narrower than the standard rolling carry on bags. This bag gilds easily down the aisles of even the smaller regional aircraft.
  4. It opens from the top, whichfacilitates retrieving something out of the bag during flight.
  5. The unique shape and the size of the bag allows it to fit under the seat of most commercial aircraft. Instead of putting your carry on in an overhead bin, this bag is readily accessible under the seat in front of you.
  6. This carry on has oodles of compartments and dividers to keep your varied bag contents organized plus, it comes with a clear toiletry pouch for your grooming essentials.
  7. The bag is surprisingly roomy, the perfect luggage choice for a 4-5 day getaway.
  8. An extra large tote comes free with the carry on purchase. This multi purpose tote can be stacked upon the carry on which is secured by a back strap to the extended luggage handle. In addition, the tote can serve as an extra large purse, shopping tote or a bag for all of your trip tech devices.
  9. The carry on comes with a three-year warranty where the manufacturer will either repair or replace the bag with a comparable model. The tote’s warranty is for five years.
  10. The set has an extra, padded shoulder strap that can be attached to the carry on or the tote for shoulder carry.

In addition to the functional reasons why I like this luggage grouping, the set is stylish and chic. It is offered in six different colors plus two quilted, faux patent leather versions. I was instantly drawn to the black patent version that looks classy and timeless. Likewise, this material should hold up well and likewise, should not show dirt or scuff marks as much as the other color alternatives.

Last, this best-selling carry on and free tote by TravelSmith is affordably priced at $149.00. Before making this luggage investment, I read through many of the highly favorable reviews. Most of the feedback raved about the attractive look and how much one could actually pack into these two pieces of luggage. Some satisfied purchasers shared they used this 2 piece set on trips that were a weeklong. Now that’s truly “less is more” when it comes to travel luggage!!

As always, I value all questions and comments on my blog content or on anything else concerning luxury solo travel. Enjoy this short video by TravelSmith highlighting the Spinner 360 Carry On and Tote’s many attractive features. 

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