The Best Luggage Set for a Trip Around the World

Best Travel Luggage.JPG

Going into my 50-day solo Around the World trip, I knew I wanted a distinctive set of luggage that was both practical and stylish. This led me on a monthlong search for the perfect luggage set.

My initial target price was $200 for a three-piece set with the general requirements that it would have to be lightweight, sturdy and have 360-degree spinning wheels for easy transportation to the seven cities I will be visiting.

The highest rated and also least expensive luggage set on Amazon, the Pulsar model by IT Luggage, was priced at $129, reduced from an original $875. Color options included black, blue sapphire, orange, and white, and the set comes with a 10 year limited replacement warranty.

After reading several reviews, I decided to go ahead with the purchase of the IT Luggage set, a previously unknown brand to me. While none of the colors were my immediate first choice, and I was extremely hesitant to buy white luggage, I went for it anyway because I decided the motto for the trip was “chic and trendy.”

My reasoning was twofold: I wanted my luggage to be unique and make an impression while still being affordable. All of the dirt, scuffs and dings gotten from the airline bag handlers would be my trendy version of bygone luggage destination stickers!

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