Why I Love This Hands-Free Smartphone Case by Bandolier

Photo by  Ben White  on  Unsplash

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

No one wants to lose their smartphone- especially not while traveling. You phone allows you to take pictures, find where you need to go, and stay connected. The smartphone is truly a vital travel device that keeps you safe and connected to your world back home while you’re out exploring.

My Travel Tech Essential

For the last three years I have been using a wonderful tech accessory that has become a travel essential for me. I found this chic and incredibly practical phone case while browsing through a fashion magazines. This Bandolier phone case allows you to turn your device into a cross-body purse. What a concept, I thought. This really caught my attention! (Even though it took me six months to buy my first one.)


Doing My Research

Before I invested in this new concept, I went through Bandolier’s entire website and read everything about their products. The company makes smartphone covers for a variety of smartphones. There are many styles and colors which are constructed from leather, vegan leather, or even snake skin with a price point range of $70-$135 depending on the size of the phone and what type of material used for the cover. It comes with a one-year warranty for normal wear and tear. If the cover can’t be repaired, the company will replace it with a similar type. One caveat, the warranty is only in effect if you bought it directly from Bandolier and not from a third party vendor. 

My Review of the Bandolier Smartphone Case

My experience with this product has honestly been great. I just bought my third phone case: black leather with gunmetal studs, for a trip to Venice. Currently, I have the model with the gold Chanel-like chain, which I find so chic. I routinely get compliments on the look and the usefulness of this accessory. I now use it all the time, and not just when I’m traveling. Rummaging around in my purse to find my phone or misplacing it somewhere is a thing of the past!

Two other Bandolier products I have yet to try are the Smartphone Pouch and the Bandolet. The pouch, priced at $60, is a new item that easily clips over the Bandolier hands free case. This added accessory lets you take more than just a credit card and driver’s license that the standard case does. It accommodates your lipstick, keys, compact or other small items. Voila! No purse needed.

The Bandolet is similar to the regular hands-free case except there is a small chain detail that lets you hook your phone to your purse, belt loop or any other thing you would like to hang the phone on instead of hanging it long across the body. Though not as wonderful and practical as the long strap model, I still see the value in this option.

Practical, Convenient and Stylish

The best place to buy Bandolier products is directly from their website but they are also sold at specialty retail outlets in most every state. I can’t shout my praises enough about this wonderful, tech accessory which was created by a group of Hollywood insiders who wanted a hands-free, stylish smartphone accessory that would allow you to be ready for anything. Treat yourself to this high tech, high fashion piece. You’ll love it!

Enjoy my video review on the Bandolier smartphone hands free case below!


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