Greek Silver Jewelry and Cultural Symbolism


Athens is a city that has oodles of jewelry shops. Being the type of woman that I am, I love all types of jewelry; ethnic, classical, modern, antique, etc. Consequently, Athens is my kind of shopping paradise. During my recent trip I satisfied my jewelry fetish by visiting the Ilias Lalaounis Jewelry Museum, the Benaki Museum and too many jewelry shops to count. I learned a lot about the history, types and the designers that make Greek jewelry timeless. Ancient jewelry was the symbol of wealth and status that used cultural symbolism such as gods and goddesses in its design. During the 6th and 7th c. BC the concept of money and coinage replaced the barter system. The Greeks were one of the earliest civilizations who combined the two; using symbolic coins in jewelry adornment.

In the photo is a piece I bought on my trip, a modern version of an old jewelry design concept. I was looking for an "Athena" coin ring for my daughter who named her New Orleans law firm, Athena Legal Associates,LLC and ended up buying this ring for myself. When I took the post's photo I looked at the ring with a magnifying glass and wondered is this Athena or is it a Greek god? Whoever this is I still love the piece. Let me know your opinion; it's all Greek to me!!