Follow Me On My Solo Trip To Venice: Queen of the Adriatic Sea

In four days I will be traveling solo to Venice, Italy one of the most unique and beautiful cities in the world. I can hardly wait! I am pretty well all packed up and ready to go except for a few last minute to dos. Even though I have been traveling solo for over 35 years, I still experience that pre-trip anticipation rush. Yes, I admit I’m in love with travel. 

As for all of my trips, I do tons of research. Venice has so much to do and see that I doubt if I will be able to complete all of the items on my itinerary. I'll be exploring museums filled with Renaissance and modern art, grand palazzos, magnificent churches, exquisite Italian gardens and squares, artisans still engaged making their long held crafts, and much more. I plan to take a few interesting walking tours, a delectable food tour, a bike tour of Lido Island and a wine tour of the Veneto region at the foot of the Dolomite mountains. I'll be sharing my adventure on my social media channels, including live streaming on Facebook as often as I can.

While on my trip I will be paying close attention to my daily expenses. Venice is one of the most expensive destinations for the solo traveler, especially those of us that demand luxury at an affordable price. One of the reasons I chose to visit this unique city this fall was because the strength of the US dollar vs. the Euro is at an all time high which makes luxury travel here much more reasonable. Five star hotel rates that are normally priced between $550-$750 and up are currently half the amount they were a couple of years ago if paid in US dollars. I’m anxious to see how far my dollar goes on a daily basis.

Likewise, I can’t wait to enjoy an elegant gondola ride down the Grand Canal, have a cup of espresso or a gelato at the famous Cafe Florin at sunset while listening to live classical music or jazz, visit the many local markets especially the bustling Rialto Market, watch the legendary glassblowers do their craft in Murano, enjoy a Bellini at Harry’s Bar or just get temporarily lost in the maze-like pedestrian streets of this historic, fascinating city. Just thinking about being in the Queen City of the Adriatic makes my heart skip a beat.

Follow me on TwitterFacebook and Instagram during and after my solo 13-day journey to Venice starting on September 23rd. I’d love for you all to share this much-anticipated magical experience with me!