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Why You Should Consider Your Host Country’s Culture When Deciding What to Wear While Traveling

One thing I always consider while traveling abroad is the importance of dressing appropriately for the host country’s culture. It is important to remember that you are the foreigner in someone else’s country when you travel. Typically, locals will treat you with more respect if if you simply dress with a hint of the local style. This small act goes a long way, because it shows thoughtfulness and respect.

What to Wear In Russia

One week from today I will be traveling to St Petersburg, Russia. Russia is a place I absolutely love. It has a rich culture, fabulous art, intelligent, and strong women plus believe it or not, great food. Three years ago on my first trip to this fascinating country I spent some of the time looking for beautiful treasures to bring home. Some of the items that caught my eye were the many beautiful, ethnic shawls the Russian women were wearing.

The Magical Russian Shawls

When I first noticed the shawls in the shops, they didn't really appeal to me, but when I saw them on Russian women of all ages, I thought WOW  these shawls have a magic quality. They seem to come alive when worn and make the women wearing them more beautiful. I decided to try on a few different designs and found I was hooked. My private guide shared that the most beautiful and coveted shawls are made in the Pavlovo Posad textile factory. This company is one of the oldest private companies in Russia dating back to 1795. She told me all of the shawls have names and a message behind them as well as frequently, they are passed down from mother to daughter. Some of the names are By the Fireplace, Summer Twilight, Wedding Ring, Autumn Tango and Lucky Girl. I bought "Confession" in black which I will be wearing on my long flight to St Petersburg and is the one pictured in this blog post. Hope you enjoy the video!

If you love Russian culture, check out the beautiful tour I created in partnership with the Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge of St. Petersburg centered around art and culture. Look out for upcoming trips in 2019!

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