Planning Your Solo Trip to New Orleans Mardi Gras

Thousands of people flock to the city during Mardi Gras so expect most hotels to sell out months before Carnival season. It is best to plan ahead and book early. Sometimes, rooms can be booked at the last minute, but don’t expect any last-minute deals. The ideal locations are in the French Quarter, CBD/Warehouse District and Garden District, specifically hotels along the parade routes. About 80 percent of Mardi Gras happens within walking distance of these hotels. Leave your car parked at the hotel, or park it for the duration in a lot or unrestricted street outside of the French Quarter/parade route fray.

AirBnB is also a great option for the solo traveler! Rent a room, or rent a house – AirBnB allows you to live like a local. We recommend staying in an AirBnb on the parade route, riverside (in between St. Charles Avenue and the Mississippi River). This will allow you to stay close to the parade action, while staying in a safe, accommodating part of town. If you choose to rent out a room in a house, you will be greeted by welcoming locals who will be eager to share our beautiful city with you! 

Here are some of the hotels we recommend: 


Hotel Modern , 936 St. Charles Avenue
Old Hotel 77, 545 Tchoupitoulas Street
The Troubador, 1111 Gravier Street
Aloft Hotel, 225 Baronne Street
Ace Hotel, 600 Carondelet Street
Bienville House Hotel, 320 Decatur Street
Hotel Provincial, 1032 Chartes Street
International House Hotel, 221 Camp Street
Pontchartrain Hotel, 2031 St. Charles Avenue
Catahoula Hotel, 914 Union Street

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Other travel tips and tidbits:

  • If you are planning on taking a cab, there is a $30 falt rate from Louis Armstrong International Airport to the city. It is about a 25 mintue cab ride to Downtown. Uber and other ridesharing apps are also availavle. There is a $30 flat rate as well and you can even schedule a ride beforehand.

  • If you are planning on driving, make sure you have a reliable parking spot lined up. Parking on the street is near impossible during Mardi Gras, and you run the risk of getting ticketed or towed. Be wary of scam parking lots.

  • Pedicabs are a great option if you’re looking to get around the city quickly. They will be out in abundance during Mardi Gras. Most only accept cash.

  • Again, just trust us - do not park on the street. If for some reason you must, do not park within 25 feet of a stop sign or fire hydrant, do not park the opposite way of traffic, do not block driveways, and do not park on the parade route.

  • The streetcars stop service two hours before parades roll. Make other plans!

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