Affordable Luxury Ideas for the Solo Traveler Visiting San Diego, California

For the last thirty-five plus years, I have been traveling the world solo and have enjoyed many wonderful trips that I am excited about sharing with my readers. From these years of solo travel, I have built up a wealth of knowledge, information, travel suggestions, hotel and restaurant recommendations, a list of destination cultural do’s and don’ts and many other useful tips all geared to affordable luxury, solo travel.

Because the website and blog posts are still in development, I have yet to publish all of my insightful information on this location which is soon forthcoming. Check back within the next couple of months for the latest updates on this destination.

For your solo travel pre-trip research, I have linked the Astrid Solo Travel Advisor website to Momondo, my favorite travel website for great ideas and travel deals, to all of the places I have traveled to and as of yet, have not had the time to blog about it. Momondo will get you pointed in the right direction with its great information.

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