Say Hello to the New Astrid Solo Travel Advisor!

For those that have been following Astrid on the Go, we’re excited to announce that Astrid Solo Travel Advisor ( has officially launched! The site is designed for solo travelers looking for affordable luxury ideas worldwide.

We will continue the tradition of bringing you tales, tips and tricks for traveling solo with character and class, now on a beautifully designed website built to be your one stop shop for solo travel.

According to Visa, one in five are now traveling solo and our site features tales from past and current trips, videos tips and planning resources designed just for this growing group of travelers. Astrid Solo Travel Advisor has a vision to help solo travelers feel confident, safe, inspired, engaged. We want readers to never feel like a tourist when they explore a new city solo.

As we introduce Astrid Solo Travel Advisor to the world, we must put a spotlight on its CEO and founder, Astrid R. Clements, who has traveled extensively throughout the the United States and the world for the last 40 years, much of which has been solo. Here, Astrid will continue to share her "Travel For One" ideas, tips and experiences that stress luxury travel at a reasonable price.

“Traveling solo is truly a transformative experience, and I want to bring that understanding to my readers,” says Astrid. “Being a senior hasn’t slowed down my thirst for new experiences. My unique approach to travel, with a tech-savvy edge, will show solo travelers new ways to explore other cultures with character and class, or how to just get away for a memorable weekend trip!”

The site features an interactive destinations map, videos, a built-in translation for over 80 languages, and a generally unique approach to affordable luxury ideas for solo travelers. 

To kick off the launch, Astrid be taking off on an “Around the World” trip, traveling solo for 50 days. She will travel a total of 22,000 miles visiting six distinctly different cultures and seven cities over nearly two months.

The seven cities include:

  1. Lisbon, Portugal

  2. Marrakesh, Morocco

  3. Cairo, Egypt (coupled with a cruise down the Nile River!)

  4. Abu Dhabi, UAE

  5. Mumbai, India

  6. Bangkok, Thailand

  7. Hanoi, Vietnam

Astrid will be digging deep into each location’s culture, food, sights, art, architecture and finding that special something about each place.

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and right here on to see how her trip unfolds, and come back to visit the Ask Astrid feature on the site with any of your questions - big or small - from the best coffee in Mumbai, to the best donut in New Orleans!