Astrid Solo Travel Advisor Testimonials

Are you ready to take on the world as a solo traveler? A wealth of incredible adventures await for those who are willing to take the journey. First-time solo travel or new destinations requires preparation and expertise. As a long-time solo adventurer and travel expert, Astrid uses her own experience to help others enjoy luxurious, well-planned, safe getaways that meet or exceed all their expectations. Hear first-hand experiences from clients and associates in the testimonials below.

Gracella Simmons

Partner, Keogh Cox

“One of the  most wonderful trips I have ever taken was to Paris in 2017. The entire trip full of fun, fascinating and interesting things to do was planned by Astrid! She is the consummate expert on travel!”

Renee Chatelain

President/CEO, Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge

“The Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge worked with Astrid Solo Travel Advisor to create its Art Routes cultural travel program.  Astrid’s global knowledge, her ability to connect each traveler to unique experiences, and her connections to quality tour guides, restaurants, and high quality and affordable accommodations have energized our travel program from the start.  She brings a keen eye for quality and value, a deep knowledge and respect for the culture and traditions visited, and her personal passion to each journey.   Astrid Solo Travel Advisor makes the dream of exotic world travel an uncomplicated and affordable reality.”

Gerri Hobdy

Owner, Pleroma LLC

"Astrid’s travel information has made me a confident solo traveler.  I used to travel a bit for work and that was always very planned and contained.  I would visit cities but never really get to enjoy the pulse.  Astrid shares solid information on the best sights, values, and travel tips to ensure memorable and safe experiences in vibrant or serene cities.  When I need to get away in a flash I always call Astrid for recommendations.”

Rochelle Beychok

“Astrid Solo Travel Advsior and Solo Travel Talk saved me time and assured me comfort and value while planning a trip to Europe. As a life-long traveler, Astrid is a tremendous resource for all aspects of trip planning. From choosing airlines and flights to boutique hotels and restaurants, her extensive knowledge is evident and is based on personal experience and research.
She is entertaining to listen to as she shares her wisdom and offers up unique experiences and places of interest.”

Elizabeth “Boo” Thomas

Retired President/CEO, Center for Planning Excellence

“Astrid’s website,, was a huge help to me as I planned my first month-alone trip to Italy. Although I am a seasoned traveler, I learned so much more by watching Astrid’s videos and using her handy lists. Packing cubes, safe iPhone carrier, travel documents and insurance tips were lifesavers. The actual items for packing/unpacking saved me so much time at each destination. I would heartily recommend Astrid’s website and videos!”