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Mardi Gras is many things—it is a costume party, a sea of drunken indulgence, a pleasant family picnic on the neutral ground, a roving high school band concert, a Christian holiday. Mardi Gras is the greatest party on earth and a trip to New Orleans during the Carnival season should be on every person's bucket list. 

We love Mardi Gras and think it is the perfect adventure for any solo traveler. We've created an eBook guide that offers safety tips, food and drink recommendations, the history of Mardi Gras and more to ensure that your adventure to New Orleans is the trip of a lifetime. 


"You boat, ski, surf, bike, kayak, travel; and when you occasionally lose your sunglasses, you expect a reasonable price to replace them. We made Mahos for you.

Maho was born from a common occurrence in an extraordinary place: my husband and I lost two pairs of expensive shades one day paddleboarding in Maho Bay, St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands.  Frustrated with the exorbitant cost to replace (because the entire industry is dominated by a single monopoly), we spent the next year planning, prototyping, and testing how to deliver a superior product at a reasonable price.

At Maho we craft classically inspired frames by hand, use the world’s lightest and strongest polarized polyamide nylon lenses, and provide a limited lifetime warranty, all at a $95 price with free shipping, risk-free home try-on, free returns, and free exchanges

We believe that just as sunglasses are tools for viewing nature, selling them can also protect it.  That’s why we’ve partnered with 1% For the Planet to donate a minimum of 1% of our sales to non-profits devoted to conserving natural places and habitats around the U.S."