Astrid's Travel Favorites: The Jumpsuit


What to wear on long flights? This question usually causes moderate stress for most women. The dress code of today's traveler is much more relaxed even for people traveling business class. Very few travelers dress up any more and most wear jeans, a shirt and a jacket of some sort. I guess I am a little old school because I want to dress more stylishly and still be comfortable. One of my travel favorites is the "one piece wonder," the jumpsuit. Most women travelers rarely think about adding this type of clothing to their travel wardrobe but I think it's a brilliant piece of travel apparel. First and foremost, it's comfortable. When you are trying to sleep in the middle of the flight you feel like you are wearing pajamas. Likewise, the jumpsuit is an all- year-round piece and it layers well with jackets, pashminas or other accessories. Black is my favorite color. The one you see featured in the photo is from the current Venus catalogue.  I will be dressing this piece up and down by pairing it with different shoes and accessories which helps to cut down on the number of outfits I will be taking.

If you are searching for a new look for your flight and travel attire, consider the jumpsuit.